Levl up

The official logo for the level up club.

Welcome to the The Level Up Club WikiEdit

Level up is a club about video games you level up your rankings in this club to earn rewards choices and anything else your scrawny little brain can think. The higher leveled you are the higher ranking you are. The highest rank you people can get is consecutive which in this club means amazing at everything can take care of themselves. You can only get that when you reach level 100 which is the capacity level. The two leaders are currently Jarrett and Emilian.

What is Level Up Club?Edit

Level Up is a place where you can have fun,play videogames and much more, We hope that you will join and support us. Spread the word, our goal is to have fun.

How can I level upEdit

Easy you get the badges on this wiki and the more points you have the more leveling you do and you can also do some more things but good luck finding them out. I will say also tv show logic and joinig there wiki's. There is also the classic video games.

How do I joinEdit

You have to pass the test there will be a page named interview to join level up page soon answer them by commenting and if one of the admin answer back saying you are permitted to join level up you are now in.